TALON data enables student from the Faculty of Health Sciences of Cotonou to establish link between detection in Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) and telephone calls made to patients

The link was made in the student’s doctoral thesis that looked at the diagnosis of infections of the operating site in abdominal surgery in 3 hospital centres in Benin. Thesis results showed that out of 103 patients surveyed from the 3 hospital sites, just under 8% had an SSI diagnosis made via telephone consultation. This compared to just under 9% receiving a diagnosis from a face-to-face examination.

This is the first time in which the Benin Hub have provided data to enable a student from a partner organisation to conduct their research. The team are hoping that they’ll be able to assist more students with data generated through GSU based work and also stated how this relationship demonstrates the impact the hub is having on local healthcare and research based infrastructure.

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