Surgical Infection Education Event Held in India Draws Large Audience

Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) attended recent meeting that looked at results from the FALCON and CHEETAH trials

The meeting that took place on the 12th April at the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana managed to draw a large audience of RMPs who are usually the first point of contact for the patients in India, especially in rural areas. The main aims of the meeting were:

  1. To appraise the RMPs about the surgical wound care of the patients post-discharge from the hospital
  2. To inform the RMPs of the early signs of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) and its management
  3. To understand the challenges faced by the RMPs in managing surgical wound care and surgical site infection in their practices

Following the presentations that took place, the event team were keen to find out what challenges were faced by RMPs in relation to the provision of surgical wound care, particularly regarding the management of SSIs. Following on from initial discussions that took place in the meeting, the team will be following-up with attendees over the coming weeks to gather further information.

In relation to the CEI programme in India, Atul Suroy (India Hub Manager) was quoted as saying 'With CEI, we aim to empower the existing workforce with evidence-based practices generated through GLOBALSurg collaborative studies to build capacity in the states of India."

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Overview of the Rwanda Hub National Steering Committee

Rwanda Spoke groups attend national CEI meeting in Kigali

The aim of the meeting that took place on the 20th April was to involve the community in clinical trial development, in addition to strengthening Community Engagement & Involvement (CEI) structure in Rwanda. The meeting gave members the opportunity to collectively meet face to face for the first time since the inception of the hub. In Rwanda each spoke group consists of roughly 6 - 8 members with 2 co-chairs (inclusive) consisting of a member of the hub team and member of the community.

During the meeting the committee were able to provide valuable input into the SWANN, PROTECTSurg and DRAGON national trials. Members were also given the opportunity to comment on the provision of post-operative care provided by community healthcare workers through the PIGEON project.

The meeting also enabled members to elect the National CEI Group that will form part of an international committee of representatives from each partner country within the GSU unit.

You can view the official CEI brochure for Rwanda (in Kinyarwanda) by clicking here.

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