India Hub Orchestrate Latest Workshop on Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Wound Care

Nursing and OT trainees take part in dissemination workshop looking into SSI reduction using results from the CHEETAH Trial

The Tata Medical Centre in Kolkata provided the bakdrop for the latest workshop, orchestrated by the India Hub with 48 medical healthcare professionals in attendance, consisting mainly of Nursing and OT Technicians. The meeting provided valuable insight into the concept of SSI for the attendees who were yet to start in their practical training and had little knowledge of the subject. SSI is a leading cause of hospital re-admission for patients post surgery, particularly in low- and middle-income countries and the main focus of the CHEETAH Trial that took place across 7 countries.

A number of the attendees will be working in the community setup such as in community healthcare centres where post-surgical care wound management is often a primary driver for patients seeking medical care in such areas of India. The session enabled attendees to take part in an interactive Q&A session where meeting orchestrators posed various questions to be answered by the attendees. In addition, a visual presntation was also provided to help engage attendees with the topic.

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Nigeria Hub Honoured with Plaque for Work Completed to Reduce Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

Lagos Hub receives plaque during Association of Surgeons of Nigeria event where the team were able to disseminate results from GlobalSurg 2, FALCON and CHEETAH trials

The event that took place at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel between the 24th to the 27th June was attended by a range of stakeholders from across the Nigerian surgical network, with the Nigeria Hub team being led by Professor Adesoji Ademuyiwa and Deputy Hub Director, Professor Adewale Adisa.

The team took part in an hour long session to talk about the outcomes of GlobalSurg 2, FALCON and CHEETAH trials, in addition to hosting a discussion on the need for implementation of the outcomes in Nigeria. During the discussion, the Nigeria Team called for the implementation of the outcomes by Nigeria policymakers as well as Hospital Executives across the country.

During the event, the Nigeria team were also awarded a plaque for the work undertaken by the Hub to recognise their efforts in reducing SSIs and improving patient care across Nigeria. The plaque was received by Professor Adewale Adisa on behalf of the team.

(L to R) Professor Adesoji Ademuyiwa and Professor Adewale Adisa hold plaque

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Patients and Carers in Benin Discuss Surgical Site Infection Prevention

Benin Hub team meets with various patients and carers to discuss surgical site infection (SSI) during community engagement and involvement (CEI) consultation in Ouidah

The team, led by CEI Lead Josette Bonita had the opportunity to travel to Ouidah where the team were able to speak to a multitude of stakeholders, including allied health workers, patients and nurses. The meeting, held at Ouidah District Hospital, enabled attendees to discuss the French translation of the script of a video designed for the purpose of reducing SSIs in the community, as part of a global toolkit currently being developed as a cross-network collaboration.

Benin Hub Communications Lead Vivien Tenonto reported that the event went well, with a high level of active participation from patients and their carers, who are all looking forward to reviewing the final version of the video once it’s released in the coming weeks.

Surgical site infections are one of the leading causes of mortality and hospital re-admission for patients following surgical procedures globally. The CHEETAH trial, conducted across the GSU network, focused on the use of of separate sterile gloves and instruments for wound closure to help reduce such infections following surgery. Following on from completion of the trial, the dissemination of the trial’s findings have become a key priority for the majority of the GSU’s hubs, Benin inclusive.

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Surgical Infection Education Event Held in India Draws Large Audience

Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) attended recent meeting that looked at results from the FALCON and CHEETAH trials

The meeting that took place on the 12th April at the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana managed to draw a large audience of RMPs who are usually the first point of contact for the patients in India, especially in rural areas. The main aims of the meeting were:

  1. To appraise the RMPs about the surgical wound care of the patients post-discharge from the hospital
  2. To inform the RMPs of the early signs of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) and its management
  3. To understand the challenges faced by the RMPs in managing surgical wound care and surgical site infection in their practices

Following the presentations that took place, the event team were keen to find out what challenges were faced by RMPs in relation to the provision of surgical wound care, particularly regarding the management of SSIs. Following on from initial discussions that took place in the meeting, the team will be following-up with attendees over the coming weeks to gather further information.

In relation to the CEI programme in India, Atul Suroy (India Hub Manager) was quoted as saying 'With CEI, we aim to empower the existing workforce with evidence-based practices generated through GLOBALSurg collaborative studies to build capacity in the states of India."

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Latest CHEETAH Publication in BioMed Central Looks at Strategies to Minimise a Major Methodological Challenge in Cluster Randomised Controlled Trials (cRCTs)

The latest paper from the GSU's recently completed CHEETAH trial discusses strategies to minimise and monitor biases and imbalances by arm in cRCTs

The recently conducted analysis includes 10,686 patients from 70 clusters with the study evaluating whether changing sterile gloves and instruments prior to abdominal wound closure reduces surgical site infection at 30 days postoperative. Eight strategies in total to minimise and monitor bias were pre-specified.

The paper identifies potential sources of bias when utilising cRCTs and looks at how the strategic system applied not only monitored and minimised the risks of bias and imbalances by arm but also highlights the lessons that can be learned for future cRCTs within hospitals.

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CHEETAH Trial Discussed During OrthoEvidence Podcast

The latest discussion on CHEETAH comes from India Hub Lead - Dhruva Ghosh during recent podcast on OrthoEvidence

Professor Dhruva Ghosh spoke with Editor-in-Chief of OrthoEvidence, Mo Bhandari in relation to the recently completed CHEETAH trial that recruited over 13000 patients from 81 hospitals, across 7 countries.

During the discussion, Professor Dhruva Ghosh discussed the rationale behind the international trial including why the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery decided on utilising a cluster-randomised trial format for the trial design. During the on-line discussion, Professor Ghosh was also able to discuss the implication of the ground-breaking trial results and how they will translate affect surgical policy on a global scale, particularly in LMICs.

The podcast can be accessed via the OrthoEvidence wesbite.

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SSI Showcase Webinar - Recording Now Available

Recording from the recent online webinar on the 16th January now available to view

Our official Youtube channel has just added the recording from the recent webinar that took place on the 16th Jan. The webinar provides all those working in surgical practice and research with an overview of the ground breaking global research study CheEETAh which provides clear evidence for a simple intervention that reduces surgical site infections.

You can view the webinar recording on the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery channel on Youtube where you can also view the recording with English subtitles. French and Spanish subtitles to be added in the coming days.

You can find out more on the recent webinar by visiting our original news story.

CHEETAH Presented at COSECSA AGM & Conference in Windhoek - Namibia

CHEETAH findings presented to over 100 surgeons at the recent College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa Conference 2022

Rwanda Deputy Hub Director, Dr. Allen J.C Ingabire who gave the presentation, was quoted as saying "The audience was excited about the findings of our study and ready to implement the recommendations in their respective Hospitals."

The 22nd COSECA Scientific Conference took place in December and was focused on the theme 'Timely Response to Current & Emerging Surgical Challenges on the Continent'.

You can read the recent publications for CHEETAH and SPI here.

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CHEETAH and SPI Presentations Win Awards During International Conference in India

CHEETAH and Surgical Preparedness Index findings discussed by Dr. Parvez Haque of the GSU (India Hub) at ASICON 2022 in Mumbai resulted in 1st place (CHEETAH) and 3rd place (SPI) prizes

India Hub Deputy Director, Dr. Haque was quoted as saying "The Cheetah study methodology, study design, results were appreciated and questions about the Global surgery Unit in India and how to connect were the main queries".

During the conference, the president of ASI (Association of Surgeons of India) Dr. G Siddesh made announcements to attendees about research methodology and opportunities to participate in research through the Global surgery Initiative via workshops, modules etc in the year 2023 and future.

The 82nd Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India took place between the 21st and 24th December and is noted as being the second largest association of surgeons in the world.

You can read the recent publications for CHEETAH and SPI here.

You can hear more about the recently published CHEETAH results by joining our upcoming webinar on January 16th here.