UK Government Framework Highlights GSU as the Largest Surgical Collaborative in the World

Publication of the UK government’s strategy to become a world leader in improving global health discusses the role of the GSU in ‘Improving Surgical Outcomes’ case study

Created partly in response to the Sustainable Development Goals aspirations for 2030, the framework identifies shared objectives across government to strengthen global health security, reform the global health architecture, strengthen health systems in the UK and globally whilst ensuring the UK’s position as a leader in global health and science technology.

As part of the publication’s overview of the UK’s leadership on the advancement of science and technology, the framework showcases the GSU as a leading example of how the UK government are investing in global health research projects that address major global health challenges and the evolving global burden of disease.

The case study notes how the Unit’s findings have influenced global guidance for surgical services and also translated research evidence into real-world global health policy. The case study also highlights how the GSU now forms the largest surgical collaborative in the world, with work undertaken across a collaboration of surgical professionals and hospitals located in 116 countries.

You can read more on the UK government’s strategy on becoming a global leader in improving health globally and building resilience to future threats by clicking here.


GSU at HSR 2022- Keynote Presentations and Panel Discussion

Watch the full workshop delivered by the GSU during the Unit's recent visit to the Seventh Health Systems Global Symposium in Bogota, Colombia

NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Co-Director, Professor Dion Morton was joined by several colleagues from across the Unit to deliver a workshop during the recent symposium, focusing on addressing challenges of delivering effective surgery care through health systems policy research.

During the hour long session, Professor Morton was joined by Dr. Abdul Ghaffar of the World Health Organisation, in addition to Dr. James Glasbey, who discussed the recently published Surgery Preparedness Index. Following this, colleagues from across the organisation, including Dr. Antonio Ramos - De la Medina (Mexico Hub Director) and Adesoji Ademuyiwa (Nigeria Hub Director) formed discussion panels, where various questions from colleagues in attendance were also answered.

A recording of the workshop, including presentations and panel discussion can be accessed here.

You can also access the results of the first ever HPSR report that gives insight into the development and evolution of HPSR in LMICs, and advocates for greater investments in HPSR at country-level.

COVIDSurg Surgical Preparedness Index (SPI) webinar

Discussion on how the new SPI tool can help reduce elective surgery cancellations this winter

Thank you to every who contributed to the Surgical Preparedness Index (SPI) study, which assessed hospitals and surgical volume for over 1600 centres in 119 countries. Congratulations to the network on the recent publication of this work in The Lancet.

We are delighted to announce our network CovidSurg webinar in our IRCAD/Medtronic series, where we will discuss how the SPI tool can now be applied to your hospital.

Join us as we dig deeper to explore:

  • Why every surgeon and anaesthetist should care about surgical preparedness?
  • How and when should I measure the SPI in my hospital?
  • How can the SPI be implemented to reduce cancellations of planned surgery?
  • Who else needs to be involved to maximise impact?
  • Which hospitals and settings could benefit the most?

This will be a unique, first global discussion of the SPI data and its impact on practice from a multidisciplinary panel - don't miss it!

The webinar will be on Monday 28th November 2022

Time: 1900 BST (UK) | 1100 Los Angeles | 1400 New York | 1500 Brasilia | 2000 CET | 2100 Riyadh

You can register for the webinar here.


COVIDSurg-3 results webinar

Results from the latest dataset to be discussed this Thursday 20th October

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the CovidSurg-3 study. Outcomes data for almost 20,000 patients with perioperative SARS-CoV-2 infection has now been collected, across 937 hospitals in 89 countries.

The results have been analysed and the team responsible for the pioneering study would like to invite you to their webinar where CovidSurg-3 results will be released for the first time where they will explore:

  • Is surgery safe in the Omicron-era?
  • Does SARS-CoV-2 vaccination reduce patient risk?
  • Do patients who test positive for SARS-CoV-2 need to be delayed before surgery?
  • Can we relax COVID restrictions and increase surgical volume?

The webinar will be on Thursday 20 October 2022.
Time: 1100 Los Angeles | 1400 New York | 1500 Brasilia | 1900 BST (UK) | 2000 CET | 2100 Riyadh

You can register for the webinar here.