Professors Dion Morton and Dhruva Ghosh attend launch of FOxTROT 2 trial in India

New international trial to run across GSU India network

During his recent visit to India, NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Co-Director Professor Dion Morton was able to Join India Lead, Professor Dhruva Ghosh at G B Pant Hospital in Delhi for the launch of the FOxTROT 2 international trial.

FOxTROT 2 will be conducted across 12 hospitals in India that include sites within the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery network. The trial will look into the use of a short course of pre-operative chemotherapy for patients due to undergo surgery for colon cancer, with the aim being to significantly decrease the likelihood of the cancer returning.

Whilst in India, Professor Morton was able to meet with the Indian Health Ministry regarding a new healthcare partnership that will look to deliver improved healthcare for children across the Punjab region with congenital defects.

You can read more on FOxTROT 2 by reading the official University of Birmingham press release here.

You can also see Professor Morton speak during his time in India in a short video on our Twitter channel.




GSU study on impact of malnutrition on early outcomes of surgery discussed in podcast

Professor Pamela Jeyaraj and Mr Stephen Knight discussed recent study on Lancet Global Health podcast, hosted by Nina Putnis

During the recent on-line webisode both Stephen and Pamela were able to talk about the link between malnutrition and outcomes after surgery for bowel cancer, involving over 5700 patients from 381 hospitals across 75 countries.

During the programme both Pamela and Stephen were able to explain how the study will help surgical care professionals determine what treatments and interventions could be provided for patients undergoing surgery for cancer in LMICs.

You can access the webinar, published on the 17th February here.

You can view the recently published article in The Lancet Global Health here.



CHEETAH trial discussed during OrthoEvidence podcast

The latest discussion on CHEETAH comes from India Hub Lead - Dhruva Ghosh during recent podcast on OrthoEvidence

Professor Dhruva Ghosh spoke with Editor-in-Chief of OrthoEvidence, Mo Bhandari in relation to the recently completed CHEETAH trial that recruited over 13000 patients from 81 hospitals, across 7 countries.

During the discussion, Professor Dhruva Ghosh discussed the rationale behind the international trial including why the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery decided on utilising a cluster-randomised trial format for the trial design. During the on-line discussion, Professor Ghosh was also able to discuss the implication of the ground-breaking trial results and how they will translate affect surgical policy on a global scale, particularly in LMICs.

The podcast can be accessed via the OrthoEvidence wesbite.

You can also find out further information on the CHEETAH trial by clicking here.

SSI Showcase Webinar - recording now available

Recording from the recent online webinar on the 16th January now available to view

Our official Youtube channel has just added the recording from the recent webinar that took place on the 16th Jan. The webinar provides all those working in surgical practice and research with an overview of the ground breaking global research study CheEETAh which provides clear evidence for a simple intervention that reduces surgical site infections.

You can view the webinar recording on the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery channel on Youtube where you can also view the recording with English subtitles. French and Spanish subtitles to be added in the coming days.

You can find out more on the recent webinar by visiting our original news story.

CHEETAH presented at COSECSA AGM & Conference in Windhoek - Namibia

CHEETAH findings presented to over 100 surgeons at the recent College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa Conference 2022

Rwanda Deputy Hub Director, Dr. Allen J.C Ingabire who gave the presentation, was quoted as saying "The audience was excited about the findings of our study and ready to implement the recommendations in their respective Hospitals."

The 22nd COSECA Scientific Conference took place in December and was focused on the theme 'Timely Response to Current & Emerging Surgical Challenges on the Continent'.

You can read the recent publications for CHEETAH and SPI here.

You can hear more about the recently published CHEETAH results by joining our upcoming webinar on January 16th here.

CHEETAH and SPI presentations win awards during international conference in India

CHEETAH and Surgical Preparedness Index findings discussed by Dr. Parvez Haque of the GSU (India Hub) at ASICON 2022 in Mumbai resulted in 1st place (CHEETAH) and 3rd place (SPI) prizes

India Hub Deputy Director, Dr. Haque was quoted as saying "The Cheetah study methodology, study design, results were appreciated and questions about the Global surgery Unit in India and how to connect were the main queries".

During the conference, the president of ASI (Association of Surgeons of India) Dr. G Siddesh made announcements to attendees about research methodology and opportunities to participate in research through the Global surgery Initiative via workshops, modules etc in the year 2023 and future.

The 82nd Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India took place between the 21st and 24th December and is noted as being the second largest association of surgeons in the world.

You can read the recent publications for CHEETAH and SPI here.

You can hear more about the recently published CHEETAH results by joining our upcoming webinar on January 16th here.

NEW Webinar: SSI Showcase 16-Jan-2023

NEW Webinar: Reducing surgical site infections - evidence from global surgical research

When is it?: Monday the 16th of Jan 2023 - 11:00 & 18:00 (GMT) - A 1hr webinar repeated twice during the day.

Who should attend?: Surgeons, surgical researchers, surgical nurses, scrub techs, ODPs and allied healthcare professionals

Hosted by: NIHR Global Health Research Unit        Hashtag:  #ssi2023

Patient outcomes on a global scale can be significantly improved by reducing surgical site infections (SSIs). A global collaboration of surgical researchers funded by the NIHR have undertaken high quality research implementing simple cost-effective interventions which reduce the number of surgical site infections. This research has been recently published in the Lancet on the 31st October 2022 which provides clear evidence for implementing simple changes in surgical practice to reduce SSIs.

This online webinar chaired by Prof. Dion Morton will provide all those working in surgical practice and research with an overview of the ground breaking global research study CheEETAh which provides clear evidence for a simple intervention that reduces surgical site infections.

The main session will include two key presentations on (1) surgical site infections and (2) the results of the CheEETAh study.

The format of the event includes a panel presentation of global experts discussing how the research was conducted, how the data was collected and analysed and what the results showed. There will be breakout sessions looking specifically at 4 key perspectives on the research (1) health economists (2) community, engagement and involvement (3) statistics and research design (4) qualitative research. The webinar will conclude with a round table discussion of global experts discussing how these results can be implemented across the globe.

View the full details of the webinar and the outline programme

Register now to attend this ground breaking event

Register for the 11:00AM (UK GMT) session using this form.

Or the 6:00PM (UK GMT) session using this form.

General event inquiries, contact e-mail:

GSU at HSR 2022- Keynote presentations and panel discussion

Watch the full workshop delivered by the GSU during the Unit's recent visit to the Seventh Health Systems Global Symposium in Bogota, Colombia

NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Co-Director, Professor Dion Morton was joined by several colleagues from across the Unit to deliver a workshop during the recent symposium, focusing on addressing challenges of delivering effective surgery care through health systems policy research.

During the hour long session, Professor Morton was joined by Dr. Abdul Ghaffar of the World Health Organisation, in addition to Dr. James Glasbey, who discussed the recently published Surgery Preparedness Index. Following this, colleagues from across the organisation, including Dr. Antonio Ramos - De la Medina (Mexico Hub Director) and Adesoji Ademuyiwa (Nigeria Hub Director) formed discussion panels, where various questions from colleagues in attendance were also answered.

A recording of the workshop, including presentations and panel discussion can be accessed here.

You can also access the results of the first ever HPSR report that gives insight into the development and evolution of HPSR in LMICs, and advocates for greater investments in HPSR at country-level.

GSU - Surgeons

CHEETAH discussed on the BBC

Lead NIHR Clinician Scientist for the Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery discusses new evidence from recently completed CHEETAH trial

As part of the ongoing promotion for the recently completed CHEETAH trial, Co-Author Aneel Bhangu joined the BBC recently to discuss various aspects of the trial such as why the seemingly simple procedure of using surgical gloves during operations has been proven to dramatically reduce mortality rates through infection across Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).

The recording below gives further insight into the reasoning behind the GSU's undertaking of this global trial and the next steps for the dissemination of the trial results, including how the team plan to use the results to help change surgical policy on a global scale.

Aneel Bhangu joins the BBC live on the 23rd November 2022.

COVIDSurg Surgical Preparedness Index (SPI) webinar

Discussion on how the new SPI tool can help reduce elective surgery cancellations this winter

Thank you to every who contributed to the Surgical Preparedness Index (SPI) study, which assessed hospitals and surgical volume for over 1600 centres in 119 countries. Congratulations to the network on the recent publication of this work in The Lancet.

We are delighted to announce our network CovidSurg webinar in our IRCAD/Medtronic series, where we will discuss how the SPI tool can now be applied to your hospital.

Join us as we dig deeper to explore:

  • Why every surgeon and anaesthetist should care about surgical preparedness?
  • How and when should I measure the SPI in my hospital?
  • How can the SPI be implemented to reduce cancellations of planned surgery?
  • Who else needs to be involved to maximise impact?
  • Which hospitals and settings could benefit the most?

This will be a unique, first global discussion of the SPI data and its impact on practice from a multidisciplinary panel - don't miss it!

The webinar will be on Monday 28th November 2022

Time: 1900 BST (UK) | 1100 Los Angeles | 1400 New York | 1500 Brasilia | 2000 CET | 2100 Riyadh

You can register for the webinar here.