India Hub Continues Rollout of Wound Management Training in the Punjab Region

GSU India Hub Team travel to Doraha to train a congregation of Community Health Workers for latest Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) initiative.

The latest CEI event had members of the India Hub train 35 Community Health Workers on the identification of infected wounds, related treatment and referral pathways for local patients in and around the village of Doraha, located to the south east of Ludhiana where the India hub is based. The session was led by Dr. Deepak Jain (Surgical Oncologist – Christian Medical College Ludhiana) and Atul Suroy (Hub Manager – GSU India Hub).

The workshop was an interactive one with various discussions taking place between all attendees, with the overall response from those in attendance being very positive when feedback was analysed by the team. The Community Health Workers taking part were very keen to learn the new methods of wound management and requested a similar session to take place on a future date with co-workers based in adjoining areas.

The team orchestrating the event placed much emphasis on hand hygiene and how adopting such practices can reduce wound infections, as evidenced by research undertaken across the Unit, including various hospitals from across India’s spoke network. Research discussed included results generated from the completed CHEETAH and COVIDSurg projects, and the impact the evidence has had on millions of people living in the Global South and associated government policies in these regions of the world.

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Ghana Hub Orchestrates CPD Accredited Workshop on Surgical Site Infections (SSI's)

Ghana Hub collaborates with the Ghana Surgical Research Society, Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Ghana Chapter of West Africa to deliver workshop on SSI’s.

The workshop that took place on the 19th August in Kumasi brought together various health workers that included surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and perioperative nurses from across Ghana who took part in the event that utilised results from the completed CHEETAH trial. Also in attendance was the President of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons, Prof. Samuel Debrah who delivered a keynote speech during the event, in addition to a presentation from Dr. Napoleon Sam of the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Ghana Hub, on the CHEETAH trial results.

Other presentations that took place during the event included a discussion on the cost of SSI’s in Ghana and a talk on Community Engagement and Involvement activities in the Hub and the role it has in the research cycle. The keynote speech delivered by Prof. Debrah focused on the global burden of surgical diseases and the novel ways of addressing such burdens that could help prevent SSI’s from taking place following surgery, a leading cause of hospital re-admission for patients undergoing surgical treatment worldwide.

Further information on the event can be obtained via the official University for Development Studies press release.

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Roundup of GSU Co-Director, Professor Dion Morton's Trip to Nigeria

Professor Morton meets with key stakeholders at the University of Lagos during trip to Nigeria

During his trip to Lagos, Nigeria to attend the 18th Annual Scientific Conference and Gathering of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Professor Morton (GSU Co-Director) was able to meet with various executive stakeholders at the University of Lagos. Notable highlights included a meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Prof Folashade Ogunsola represented by Prof L.O. Chukwu to discuss ways to intensify efforts with the University of Lagos in order to attract, train and support researchers to tackle the complexities of health care and social change.

Other key meetings involved a discussion on the commencement of a Masters in Global Surgery programme at the University of Lagos, utilisation of the newly opened data centre for training students, residents, and consultants on statistical data analysis, and piloting the ION-Foxtrot Cancer Interventional Study in Nigeria. Along with Professor Ademuyiwa, Prof Morton met with the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Prof Wasiu Adeyemo and the immediate past CMD of LUTH, Prof Chris Bode in addition to a visit to the Provost College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Prof Wale Oke.

The 18th Annual Scientific Conference and Gathering of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences which took place between the 25th – 26th July was attended by both Professor Morton and Ademuyiwa who were able to present to a wide audience including students, members of faculty, hub members and other invited dignitaries on the importance and impact of collaborative research during the event. The Conference was also attended by Benin Hub Director, Professor Lawani Ismail and Ghana Deputy Director, Dr. Fareeda Galley.

The annual meeting was kicked off by Prof Adeola Onakoya, a professor of Ophthalmology, based at the University of Lagos who spoke on the topic “A sick eye is a sick body: Multidisciplinary Team as a Research Tool”. At the Opening Ceremony of the Conference on the 25th July, Professor Morton was the keynote speaker, delivering a lecture on the topic “Impact of Collaborative Research; the Reach, the Research and the Riches”, further details of which can be found by clicking here.

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Benin Hub Holds CEI Event During National Surgical Society Conference

Benin Hub Director joins Benin CEI Lead to discuss patient and community involvement in research during research congress event in Cotonou

The GSU Benin Hub and the Beninese Surgical Society held a joint research congress in Cotonou from the 2nd – 4th August 2023. As part of this, the Benin Hub led by Prof Ismail Lawani and Ms Josette Gnele held a workshop on the basic principles of Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI). The interactive session was attended by surgeons, community health workers and patients from districts where GSU trials are held.

Topics discussed during the workshop touched on the importance of CEI and how it can be integrated into research projects and the practicalities of communicating research findings in lay language to communities. Following the workshop, Prof Lawani outlined the Hub’s plans of establishing a national CEI steering committee composed of patients, community health workers and surgeons.

CEI as defined by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Social Care Research (NIHR) is the collaborative way of working with communities who are most likely to be affected by the research outcomes. CEI activities can range from consulting with patients about the acceptability of a clinical trial to training community members to perform aspects of a project normally delegated to researchers such as data collection.

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Ghana Hub Director Discusses CHEETAH Results with Key Policy Makers in Ghana

Professor Stephen Tabiri joins Professor Dion Morton to disseminate CHEETAH results and provide an overview of other key projects within the GSU portfolio

NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery (GSU) Co-Director, Professor Stephen Tabiri was joined by GSU Co-Director Professor Dion Morton from the UK to present on various areas of the Unit’s programme to a delegation of stakeholders from across the Ghanaian healthcare sector. Colleagues in attendance at the meeting on the 12th August in Tamale included nurses, midwives, anaesthesthetists, surgeons and media personnel, alongside key policy makers. Key policy makers included the Northern Regional Director of Public Health and Deputy Northern Regional Director of Nursing from the Ghana Health Services.

During the meeting, Professors Tabiri and Morton highlighted the global burden of surgical diseases, the global incidence rate of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) and also novel ways of addressing the burden of SSI such as through the changing of gloves and instruments at the time of wound closure. Following the keynote address, colleagues from the Ghana Hub team were able to present on results generated from the CHEETAH Trial and also discuss the KIWI study that argues against the notion that it is exepensive on health systems to implement CHEETAH.

Other notable areas of discussion included the role of Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) in the research cycle, with insight into some of the resources developed, following engagements with surgical patients and their relatives on stoma care.. The meeting also enabled the team orchestrating the event to present on some of the new projects being delivered by the Hub including HIPPO, GECKO and TIGER.

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Benin Hub Director Discusses CHEETAH Results at Surgical Conference in Mali

Professor Ismail Lawani travels to Mali to disseminate findings from the CHEETAH Trial to francophone colleagues during national conference

The Benin Hub Director was given the opportunity to present on findings from the trial that recruited 13,331 patients globally during the National Congress of the Soceity of Surgery of Mali (SOCHIMA), that took place in Bamako on the 11th August. During the talk, Professor Lawani was able to discuss how and when surgical practitioners should replace gloves and instruments following surgical procedures to reduce the likelihood of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) from occuring post-operatively.

Professor Lawani (Benin Hub Director) presents on CHEETAH findings

Colleagues in attendance included representation from government officials, including ministerial policy makers, in additon to surgeons and various other doctors. Also in attendance were students currently participating in studies within the health sciences. During the presentation, Dr. Lawani was also able to promote the GECKO Study that launched on the 31st July and has already managed to recruit nearly 2000 sites to date.

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Global Surgical Research Skills Module to be Delivered by GSU Research Fellow

Registration now open for Global Frugal Innovation Skills Course – Module 5: Global Surgical Research Skills now open

The online interactive module will be lead by Dr. James Glasbey (NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow) of the NIHR Global Health Resarch on Global Surgery (GSU) and Professor Adesoji Ademuyiwa (Nigeria Hub Director). Both Dr. Glasbey and Professor Ademuyiwa will provide an overview of research skills and how they can be applied to help address challenges within the Global Health arena during the hour long session.

The module, being held in collaboration with the Global Anaesthesia, Surgery & Obstetric Collaboration will also enable participants to interact with additional experienced researchers within Global Surgery who will also be in attendance during the online event.

The mian learning objectives of the module will enable attendees to:

  • Describe different types of clinical research
  • Understand principals of global surgical trial design
  • Describe the evaluation pathway of innovation in global surgery

When: Thursday 17th August 2023 – 7:30PM – 8:30PM UK BST

Where: Online learning module

Registration: Click here to register for the free online course

CHEETAH Results Impact on National Surgical Policy in Rwanda

Rwanda Hub Research Open Day sees healthcare professionals come together to discuss findings from across the Hub’s portfolio of work, including the CHEETAH Trial

The Research Open Day that took place on the 21st July at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali was attended by over 130 delegates, includig the University of Rwanda (UoR) VC representative, various faculty staff, UoR Dean of the Medical School and also surgeons, Spoke teams and medical students who took part in the various sessions hosted by the team throughout the day.

Dissemination of completed study findings took place, followed by a panel discussion between policy makers, academics, researchers, surgeons and hospitals leaders on how to start up taking CHEETAH findings. During the day, junior researchers and medicals students presented their proposal during a dissemination competition where the three best proposals were rewarded as part of surgical research promotion and capacity building. The Rwanda Hub will support each of the winning proposals with both in-kind and financial support to implement their research idea.

Research proposal winners stand with GSU Rwanda Hub Senior Management during the event

Other notable events from the day included one of the Director Generals based at a hospital within the GSU infrastucture recognised for his outstanding support for surgical research undertaken at the hospital he was stationed at.

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Sustainability in Surgery Conference at the University of Birmingham

Conference on sustainability in surgery will look to explore an increasingly important aspect of providing surgical care globally

The one-day conference will see a range of experts from the field of sustainability and research orchestrate key note sessions throughout the day on ideas, research and innovation in sustainable surgery, with an emphasis on ongoing research projects and training opportunities. The area of sustainable research discussed during the event will include work undertaken in the UK that will translate into findings that can be utilised in surgical settings internationally, including low- and middle-income countries.

Attendees will not only benefit from exploring the topic through a variety of engaging methods of content delivery but will also receive accreditation for training on behavioural change and carbon literacy, in addition to obtaining a certificate of attendance.

Poster submissions will be accepted for national-level presentation at the conference.

When: Wednesday 13th December 2023 (8AM – 5PM UK BST)

Where: Great Hall, University of Birmingham

Who should attend: Peri-operative professionals, industry members, Allied Healthcare professionals

You can register for the event by clicking here.

India Hub Orchestrate Latest Workshop on Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Wound Care

Nursing and OT trainees take part in dissemination workshop looking into SSI reduction using results from the CHEETAH Trial

The Tata Medical Centre in Kolkata provided the bakdrop for the latest workshop, orchestrated by the India Hub with 48 medical healthcare professionals in attendance, consisting mainly of Nursing and OT Technicians. The meeting provided valuable insight into the concept of SSI for the attendees who were yet to start in their practical training and had little knowledge of the subject. SSI is a leading cause of hospital re-admission for patients post surgery, particularly in low- and middle-income countries and the main focus of the CHEETAH Trial that took place across 7 countries.

A number of the attendees will be working in the community setup such as in community healthcare centres where post-surgical care wound management is often a primary driver for patients seeking medical care in such areas of India. The session enabled attendees to take part in an interactive Q&A session where meeting orchestrators posed various questions to be answered by the attendees. In addition, a visual presntation was also provided to help engage attendees with the topic.

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