Global Evaluation of Cholecystectomy (GECKO) will look to define the global variation in compliance to pre-, intra-, and post-operative audit standards

Cholecystectomy is amongst the most common surgical operations performed worldwide yet there is still insufficient evidence around the variations of safe provision of laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder disease internationally, including low- and middle-income countries.

In addition to the primary aim of the study, GECKO will also look at the following:

  1. To determine the quality of safe provision of cholecystectomy, including the rates of: (i)
    achieving a critical view of safety; (ii) intraoperative imaging use (e.g., cholangiogram); and (iii) initiating of different bailout procedures (e.g., subtotal cholecystectomy) when safe
    cholecystectomy is compromised.
  2. To assess adverse events following cholecystectomy (e.g., bile duct injury) and their
  3. To analyse rates and outcomes of unsuspected gallbladder cancer.
  4. To evaluate the global variation in the availability of cholecystectomy services and training
    amongst included hospitals.
  5. To assess sustainable practices in laparoscopic cholecystectomy globally.

The study will span over 8 separate 2 week data collection periods starting 31st July, ending on the 19th November 2023.

You can view the study summary video by clicking here.

You can also view further information on the study by clicking here.