New international trial to run across GSU India network

During his recent visit to India, NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Co-Director Professor Dion Morton was able to Join India Lead, Professor Dhruva Ghosh at G B Pant Hospital in Delhi for the launch of the FOxTROT 2 international trial.

FOxTROT 2 will be conducted across 12 hospitals in India that include sites within the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery network. The trial will look into the use of a short course of pre-operative chemotherapy for patients due to undergo surgery for colon cancer, with the aim being to significantly decrease the likelihood of the cancer returning.

Whilst in India, Professor Morton was able to meet with the Indian Health Ministry regarding a new healthcare partnership that will look to deliver improved healthcare for children across the Punjab region with congenital defects.

You can read more on FOxTROT 2 by reading the official University of Birmingham press release here.

You can also see Professor Morton speak during his time in India in a short video on our Twitter channel.