NEW Webinar: Reducing surgical site infections – evidence from global surgical research

When is it?: Monday the 16th of Jan 2023 – 11:00 & 18:00 (GMT)

Who should attend?: Surgeons, surgical researchers, surgical nurses, scrub techs, ODPs and allied healthcare professionals

Hosted by: NIHR Global Health Research Unit        Hashtag:  #ssi2023

Patient outcomes on a global scale can be significantly improved by reducing surgical site infections (SSIs). A global collaboration of surgical researchers funded by the NIHR have undertaken high quality research implementing simple cost-effective interventions which reduce the number of surgical site infections. This research has been recently published in the Lancet on the 31st October 2022 which provides clear evidence for implementing simple changes in surgical practice to reduce SSIs.

This online webinar chaired by Prof. Faustin Ntirenganya will provide all clinicians working in surgical practice and research with an overview of the groundbreaking global research study CheEETAh which provides clear evidence for a simple intervention that reduces surgical site infections.

The format of the event includes a panel presentation of global experts discussing how the research was conducted, how the data was collected and analyzed and what the results showed. There will be breakout sessions looking specifically at 4 key perspectives on the research (1) health economics (2) community, engagement and involvement (3) statistics and research design (4) qualitative research. The webinar will conclude with a round table discussion of global experts discussing how these results can be implemented across the globe.

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