The Lancet recently published two papers from the completed ChEETAh trial that will help provide safer surgery for elective waiting lists on a global scale

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery (GSU) team responsible for the completion of the recent ground-breaking ChEETAh trial have unveiled their findings through two recent publications in The Lancet that will benefit elective patients across the globe, particularly surgical patients in Low – and Middle – income Countries (LMIC).

The research team behind the trial found that the routine changing of gloves and instruments just before closing wounds could significantly reduce Surgical Site Infection (SSI) – a leading cause of postoperative complications that arise during surgery. In addition, a new System Preparedness Index (SPI) toolkit was tested that can make hospitals better prepared for various scenarios that could negatively impact on surgical procedures such as pandemics and natural disasters.

You can view the official press release here.

You can also view the trial page here.