About GlobalSurg 3

GlobalSurg 3 is a multicentre international study determining quality and outcomes in global cancer surgery for breast, gastric and colorectal cancer. Any hospital performing surgery for breast, gastric, or colorectal cancer anywhere in the world is eligible to take part. Across centres worldwide, mini-teams of up to 3 collaborators will collect data for a four-week period between April and October 2018, with a 30 day follow up.

GlobalSurg 3 aimed to determine the variation in quality of cancer care surgery worldwide. The study concentrated on the most surgically-treated cancers worldwide: breast, gastric and colorectal cancer.’

Validating data is important in ensuring that the results obtained for the study are of high quality. The aim is to achieve this by assessing the methods used for patient identification, data collection and patient follow up. The process itself will involve three parts:

A. Patient identification and follow up

B. Independent Validation

C. National Lead and Hub Country Interview


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Project Cheetah
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