NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery @Rwanda Hub

The Global Surgery Unit began its relationship with Rwanda through the creation on the National Hub at the University of Rwanda, Kigali. The development of the national programme has resulted in the orchestration of several surgical trials carried out between 12 spokes across Rwanda, in addition to the primary Hub location in Kigali.

The Rwanda Hub resides over the recruiting, training, and management of the spoke hospitals. Furthermore, the Hub encourages and involves local surgeons, medical students, public bodies and community, in the promotion of quality surgical care and access in Rwanda.

Professor Faustin Ntirenganya

Professor Faustin Ntirenganya
Hub Director

Dr Allen JCIngabire

Dr. Allen J.C Ingabire
Deputy Hub Director

Dr Isaie Ncogoza
Deputy Hub Director

Mr Jean Pierre Nganabashaka
Hub Manager

Mr Emmanuel Munyaneza
National CEI lead

Mr Jean de Dieu Haragirimana
Logistics and Finance Co-ordinator

Mr Espoir Mwungura Ngabo
Data Manager

Mrs Alphonsine Imanishimwe
Research Nurse

Mr Joel Nshumuyiki
Research Nurse

Spoke Teams in Rwanda

Kibogora Spoke Team

Kibogora Spoke Team (Left to Right): Dr Ronald Tubasiime (Spoke Lead), Mrs. Deborah Mukantibaziyaremye, Mrs. A. Imanishimwe and Mr. Jean Aphrodis Munyaneza

Ruhengeri Spoke Team

Ruhengeri Spoke Team: Dr Aime Dieudonné Hirwa (Spoke Lead), Mr. Elysee Kabanda, Mrs. Christine Mukakomite, Mrs. Marie Salome Mbonimpaye, Mrs. Piolette Muroruhirwe and Mrs. A. Imanishimwe

Kibungo Spoke Team

Kibungo Spoke Team: Dr Christophe Mpirimbanyi (Spoke Lead), Mrs. Josiane Mutuyimana, Mrs. L.H. Maniraguha, Dr S. Habumuremyi & Mrs. A. Imanishimwe.

Spoke Hospitals In Rwanda

  1. University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK)
  2. University Teaching Hospital of Butare (CHUB)
  3. Kibungo Hospital
  4. Kibogora Hospital
  5. Ruhengeri Hospital
  6. Kibagabaga Hospital
  7. Kibogora Hospital
  8. King Faisal Hospital
  9. Rwamagana Hospital
  10. Bushenge Hospital
  11. Butaro Hospital
  12. Byumba Hospital
  13. Kabgayi Hospital

Rwanda Hub Projects

Bringing together surgeons, researchers and policy makers to set the local research agenda according to patient need in LMIC and ensuring all patients have the opportunity to take part in our research.