The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery

Improving surgical outcomes through collaborative research

National Stakeholders are invited to attend and contribute to the GSU programme, through study prioritisation, design, delivery and dissemination. The evidence generated through GSU research is fed back to the stakeholders through dissemination and engagement pathways, reaching a research population of over 20,000 surgeons worldwide.

Towards this we hold:

  • Annual Workshop: every 12 months in one of our partner countries with our LMIC teams and CEI Steering Committee chairs. The meeting also delivers research training workshops and enables shared learning between the partners.
  • Global Surgery Policy Symposium: brings key inter/national stakeholders together, with built-in region-specific discussions. This enables GSU to embed the global, regional and national surgical needs and plans into its future research programme.
Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

Bringing together surgeons, researchers and policy makers to set the local research agenda according to patient need in LMIC and ensuring all patients have the opportunity to take part in our research.