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Improving surgical outcomes through collaborative research

Our aims are to empower frontline surgeons to bring about change for their patients, whilst advocating to policy makers for high level change. We have evolved our dissemination pathways, currently reaching 25,000 surgeons, and global and local stakeholders (including patients, surgical societies, WHO), to widely disseminate research findings.

Our TIGER and Burns studies currently utilise various CEI projects to help with trial production. Further information on both of these trials can be accessed via the links below.

Studies- GSU - Tiger


TIGER (Task shifting Inguinal hernia Repair between surgeons and technicians): development of a randomised trial in low and middle income countries

Can technicians perform mesh inguinal hernia repair safely and cost-effectively in rural surgical settings in low and middle income countries?

This pilot trial aims to investigate delivery of a standardised, measurable training programme for technicians to perform a mesh inguinal hernia repair.

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GSU Case Study Burns


Burns are a significant contributor to the burden of disease in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). Although current guidelines recommend treatment in specialized treatment centres, such centres are few or non-existent in many LMIC settings.

This study is a prospective observational study comparing outcomes of burns treatments between non-specialised and specialised burns units.

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Bringing together surgeons, researchers and policy makers to set the local research agenda according to patient need in LMIC and ensuring all patients have the opportunity to take part in our research.