NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery - University of Birmingham

Located at the University of Birmingham - England.

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery is led by the University of Birmingham which provides overall oversight in relation to the Unit strategy, infrastructure and delivery, research and finance.

The University of Birmingham:

  • has established fully operational surgical research hubs and their corresponding spoke networks in seven countries across three continents: Mexico, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and Benin. All these research partners are participating in the Unit’s studies which include multi-centre randomised controlled trials, cohort studies and snap-shot audits of various aspects of surgical care.
  • provides clinical and research management oversight and training for the development and implementation of the studies. The GSU team at the University seeks to empower partners to design and deliver the clinical research needed to improve surgical outcomes for their own patients within their local contexts.
  • facilitates the Unit’s annual research prioritisation process which brings together partners from across the international GSU network to prioritise areas for ongoing research. This ensures that the Unit’s work continuously responds to emerging challenges that are relevant at the global and local level.
  • leads the Unit’s work in the key focus areas of Health Economics, Community Engagement and Involvement, and Health Service Delivery, and in the development of global clinical guidelines.
  • is the secretariat for the GSU Policy and Implementation Committee which seeks to translate the Unit’s evidence based recommendations into national and international policy change.

University of Birmingham

Professor Dion Morton

Professor Dion Morton OBE
Unit Co-Director

GSU Bham Mr Aneel Bhangu

Mr Aneel Bhangu
NIHR Lead Clinician Scientist

Ms Lucy Caton
Programme Manager

GSU Bham Dr Audrey Nganwa

Dr Audrey Nganwa
Programme Manager

Ms Belinda San
Senior Administrator

GSU Bham Mr Brett Dawson

Mr Brett Dawson
Data Manager

Michael Bahrami-Hessari - GSU

Mr Michael Bahrami-Hessari
Patient, Public and Community Involvement and Engagement Manager

Mr Alex Bell
Finance Officer

GSU Bham Dr Laura Magill

Dr Laura Magill
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Trials

Professor Thomas Pinkney
George Drexler & Royal College of Surgeons Chair of Surgical Trials

Ms Rachel Lillywhite
Team Leader – Global Surgery Trials

Ms Donna Smith
Senior Trial Manager

Mrs Divya Kapoor
Senior Trial Manager

Mr James Keatley
Project Manager

Dr James Glaseby
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Dr Joana Simoes
Clinical PhD Fellow

Dr Elizabeth Li
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Dr Virginia Ledda
Clinical PhD Fellow

Dr Sivesh Kathir Kamarajah
Clinical PhD Fellow

Dr Maria Picciochi
Clinical PhD Fellow

Dr Dimitri Nepogodiev
Academic Clinical Lecturer

Professor Richard Lilford
Professor of Public Health

Professor Tracey Roberts
Professor of Health Economic and Head of Health Economics Unit

Mr Mwayi Kachapila
Research Associate in Health Economics

Mr Bryar Kadir
Senior Statistician

Dr Omar Omar
Senior Statistician & Epidemiologist

Ms Felicity Brant
Senior Data Manager

Ms Kirsty Bugajski
Project Officer

University of Birmingham Projects

Bringing together surgeons, researchers and policy makers to set the local research agenda according to patient need in LMIC and ensuring all patients have the opportunity to take part in our research.