GlobalSurg & The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery

Improving surgical outcomes through collaborative research

Outputs from the current workstreams (such as FALCON, CHEETAH, GlobalSurg3) are used to create impact pathways; embedding the results in clinical guidance, and public information documents for dissemination across national and international policy making groups.

Together with our hub Directors we have established dedicated global Dissemination Committees within representation from Surgical Colleges, Associations and the WHO Centre for Perioperative care that ensures rapid dissemination of our outputs through lay, visual, video abstracts and policy reports.

We have established a dissemination framework through which our research findings reaches >20,000 surgeons in a timely fashion across the globe and patients and fed to national surgical societies.

Global Surgery Outputs - GSU

Our primary Global Surgery Unit Outputs include:

Bringing together surgeons, researchers and policy makers to set the local research agenda according to patient need in LMIC and ensuring all patients have the opportunity to take part in our research.