First educational session held by GSU India Hub for local villagers provided valuable insight into wound control

The event that took place on the 15th May in Walipur, Ayali Kalan, Punjab was part of the India Hub’s rollout strategy in engaging rural networks across the country, using evidence generated from across the Unit’s portfolio of international trials and studies that included patients from across India.

The audience consisted of predominantly patients and Community Health Workers (non-medically trained frontline health workers who are often the primary point of contact for patient care in India). The discussion focused on the management of a variety of wounds and how they can be treated within a domestic setting using basic tools.

The success of the event resulted in nearby village heads requesting the session to be delivered to their local populations, in addition to the creation a variety of take-home materials that the India Hub team are currently working on. The India team are also planning on providing a Cancer Engagement session next month that will look to take place as part of the team’s CEI event rollout strategy for local populations across India.

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