The latest discussion on CHEETAH comes from India Hub Lead – Dhruva Ghosh during recent podcast on OrthoEvidence

Professor Dhruva Ghosh spoke with Editor-in-Chief of OrthoEvidence, Mo Bhandari in relation to the recently completed CHEETAH trial that recruited over 13000 patients from 81 hospitals, across 7 countries.

During the discussion, Professor Dhruva Ghosh discussed the rationale behind the international trial including why the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery decided on utilising a cluster-randomised trial format for the trial design. During the on-line discussion, Professor Ghosh was also able to discuss the implication of the ground-breaking trial results and how they will translate affect surgical policy on a global scale, particularly in LMICs.

The podcast can be accessed via the OrthoEvidence wesbite.

You can also find out further information on the CHEETAH trial by clicking here.