NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery (GSU) wins coveted award for ‘External Engagement and Impact’ at Founders Awards’ ceremony, hosted at the University of Birmingham

The Rose Sidgwick Award for External Engagement and Impact was awarded to the GSU for their academic activity that has created meaningful change at a civic, national or international level through demonstrably delivering societal benefits whether economic, social, environmental or cultural. The work of the GSU has helped to improve access to safe and affordable surgery worldwide in addition to reducing global health inequalities in low- and middle-income countries.

The Unit have directed various international clinical studies and trials that have influenced global healthcare policies such as the use of separate sterile gloves and instruments for wound closure to reduce surgical site infection (SSI) rates in patients undergoing surgery during the CHEETAH trial. The GSU cohort’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic also resulted in a Guinness World Record for ‘Most authors on a single peer-reviewed academic paper’ for research undertaken globally to improve surgical care delivered for patients both during and following the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2.

Professor Dion Morton (Unit Co-Director) was able to receive the award on behalf of the team during the award ceremony that took place on Thursday 29th June at the Great Hall, located on the University of Birmingham’s Edgbaston campus in Birmingham, UK.

(L to R) Professor Dion Morton, Dr Audrey Nganwa and Professor Tom Pinkney join UoB Chancellor Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea and Vice Chancellor Professor Adam Tickell following the awards presentation

You can read the official UoB press release here.

Further information on the award and ceremony that took place can be found by clicking here.