Mexico Hub Director discusses GECKO study at XXXI Endoscopic Surgery International Conference by the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery (Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Endoscópica – AMCE) in Mexico

Mexico Hub Director, Dr Antonio Ramos-De la Medina took part in the national conference, held in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico on May 5th where he was able to provide an update on various GSU workstreams to the audience in attendance. During his time on stage, Dr. Ramos-De la Medina presented on the results from the completed FALCON and CHEETAH trials, in addition to providing an overview of the GECKO study that has to date seen 1200 across the globe sign-up to take part.

Feedback following the presentation at the national event, attended by a multitude of clinicians and allied health professionals from across Mexico was positive with Mexico Hub Manager, Dr Laura Martinez Pérez Maldonado mentioning that the presentation and promotion of GECKO received many positive comments as well as generating great interest in the study.

The GECKO study will evaluate global variation and outcomes for cholecystectomy (surgical operation involving the removal of the gallbladder) which is one of the most common surgical operations carried out globally.


Dr. Ramos-De la Medina discusses GSU outputs


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