Webinar for the Recently Launched HIPPO Study to Discuss Relevance of Key Aims

The HIPPO team discuss the 3 main aims of the study that looks into pathway and planetary outcomes for inguinal hernia surgery:

  1. Characterise the global backlog for elective surgery
  2. Technique, training and operating surgeon variation
  3. Explore environmentally sustainable practices in operating theatres

Study coordinators Dr. Maria Picciochi and Dr. Viriginia Ledda will also review the registration process during the broadcast.

The webinar will feature an international panel of collaborators from Australia, Colombia and Nigeria taking part in a Q&A session following the conclusion of the main discussion during the online event.

The webinar will start at 8:00PM UK Time (BST)

You can access the webinar by clicking on this link that will take you to the webinar portal.