Publication of the UK government’s strategy to become a world leader in improving global health discusses the role of the GSU in ‘Improving Surgical Outcomes’ case study

Created partly in response to the Sustainable Development Goals aspirations for 2030, the framework identifies shared objectives across government to strengthen global health security, reform the global health architecture, strengthen health systems in the UK and globally whilst ensuring the UK’s position as a leader in global health and science technology.

As part of the publication’s overview of the UK’s leadership on the advancement of science and technology, the framework showcases the GSU as a leading example of how the UK government are investing in global health research projects that address major global health challenges and the evolving global burden of disease.

The case study notes how the Unit’s findings have influenced global guidance for surgical services and also translated research evidence into real-world global health policy. The case study also highlights how the GSU now forms the largest surgical collaborative in the world, with work undertaken across a collaboration of surgical professionals and hospitals located in 116 countries.

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